Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Awesome Ideas

Drop everything that causes you harm--walk away from it.
It's not selfish as much as self-preserving. Think "survival". 
Emphasize what makes you smile, opens your heart, inspires you.
Find some really great music that lifts you up and makes you feel groovy--just listen, let the magic happen.
Boogie your heart out.
Whats your favorite color? 
just wondering.
Touch your toes!
Keep your disappointments in check.
--don't let the ick of feeling that way permeate too many of your days.
Get pissed off. Say what you've gotta say. If it matters they'll stay. If it doesn't they'll go. Either way, it works out the way it's meant to.
Be open to much but have boundaries as well.
Be good to yourself!!
Make drastic yet needed changes for happiness and well-being's sake.
Wake up earlier.
Go for a run.
Fight the good fight!
Take a walk out of your comfort zone
--you'll need more space to grow anyway.
Touch your toes!

These are just a few ideas to mix things up. Some things I do, I need to do, or just thought would be funny. Existential boredom looms everywhere, I'm noticing. People are forgetting that they're gonna die, who knows when, so they're not putting that much needed je na sais quoi into their days.

Your breath is a blessing. Your breath is a blessing. Your breath is a blessing.
Don't waste it.

~Kelina Nelson

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Beginning.


Do all that you can to get the groovy, colorful, what makes you this you that everyone really digs, stuff you've got floating around in your mind--out.

Get it out!

The world can never have too much to marvel at.