About This Blog

My name is Kelina and I have a totally awesome family. We are transfers from a really small town that is busting at the seams. Now we have found ourselves happily living in a rural area just outside of that town on an acre of land that is home to many many squirrels and many many more worms.  After spending a bit of time remodeling our place and though still a work in progress we are comfortable. We have a garden and plan to get chickens in the coming weeks.  We are driven by simplifying as well as learning and teaching the basics as much as possible.

This blog is a stream to throw stones in. It will hopefully be a resource and might as well be an easy way to just see what's going on 'round here.
There will be many topics discussed as I am convinced of my inability to focus on one thing as there are just SO MANY things I absoutely have to do.

Some of the things you will get to see are Recipes, Garden updates and tips, Ways to simplify,
Frugality tips and just all around Groovy Stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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