Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Wednesday Wrote

Although we can like 92% of what we know about one another we mustn't allow the small bits of personality traits drive us too crazy that it hinders our relationships.
Love through it. Especially in the heaviest moments of labeling and separating. The 8%. The small fragment of time when you have convinced yourself that they are your enemy not your friend (or even closer). Things change. Emotions Change. Really quickly. We just have to stop labeling, stop obsessing, stop trying to rationalize the why's of someone else. Because it's really unrelated TO US--though it might momentarily catch us off guard and steal our attention away from what's important: progress in the personal form. Because no one is perfect. Because everyone should be concerned with themselves--We can’t allow the thoughts to turn into stones that build walls. There are already too many walls all around us. And AS PEOPLE who wish to knock down ALL walls it will take a certain amount of strength, emotional strength, to Love through it.
Love through it--that isn't catering to someone else's ego or being fake. It’s not smiling through it as much as it is breathing through it. It's simply acknowledging our humanistic simplicities--our imperfections--even our darknesses--and still being ok, in mind. It’s having that creeping feeling of “What the fuck!!” come upon us yet not letting it take control of the next moment.

We will not be friends with everyone. No matter how hard you try you will not mix well with some. But being open to the possibilities of that changing is taking an empowered step out of your head and into the light.

So many awesome things grow just by being in the light~

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